Create better science, together.

The Stacks is a new publishing platform created by scientists that features:

  • constructive review from a community of your colleagues
  • short- and long-form articles
  • profit-sharing back to the scientific community

Scientists deserve better than today's expensive, outdated, and burdensome process for sharing their research.

Scientists deserve The Stacks.

The Stacks helps you share your findings and advance your field through:

Constructive community review

Your colleagues can improve your research better than assigned reviewers. That’s why we offer community review by peers in relevant fields. Double-blind reviewers work collaboratively to add to each other’s feedback, which happens in real-time conversations.

Publishing short- or long-form articles

All sound research is valuable. That’s why we offer multiple article formats. Quickly publish long-form papers, data sets, smaller research projects, and null results.

Profit-sharing back to scientists

Publishing should be owned by scientists. That’s why we share a majority of profits back to The Stacks community to allocate toward research projects and community organizations in their field.

Meet the scientist behind The Stacks:

Hi I'm Dr. David Green and I have been working in wildlife conservation for more than 15 years. Over the course of my career, I have become increasingly frustrated with the barriers to scientific publishing.

We deserve better than outrageous page fees and slow and burdensome processes. That's why we're creating The Stacks. The hardest part about science should be doing sound research, not sharing it.

Join us as we put scientists back at the center of publishing.

— David Green, PhD, Founder of The Stacks

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